The Mall


He could see that they were not wearing the same kind of attire that he was wearing.His was ironed by mom, a shirt with crease intact neatly tugged in his pants.

Made him think, how come they are wearing these torn pants and still getting all the attention.

The mall was full of these people wearing costumes that look so unpleasant to him but there were a few who were sporting the dresses similar to his, they are so like me Rajiv thought.

bharat tiwari dastakaar writer short story mall Next moment his mind swing back and said, “Why are they so silent and sitting as if they are afraid.” He could not reply to his brain. He thought am I afraid too? Cause he too was having some strange feeling. Let’s go home he thought.

On his way back he was thinking these places are for those people not for him and he wondered how they can wear those dresses.

Unknowingly he touched his hair and felt relaxed they were neatly combed not like they had, he was now realising they had some difficult hair style too.

“I am not going to go there again”, he uttered, and “I can't have uncombed hair like them” Rajiv’s was walking fast now enjoying his own whistling.

He could feel that he is no longer afraid. 



Bharat Tiwari


New Delhi


image taken from www.aksesbisnis.com

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