Īd mubārak - Teej mubārak

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eid mubarak - teej mubarak


दिल्ली सोती नहीं / Delhi: always Alive

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Sharing some photographs that I clicked when after a tiring day my dear friend Saif’s call at 7 gave me the Elixir of life and we left for some very delicious food at Karim’s (Jama Masjid) the best was though Saif’s favourite Firni.

The night that day started at 6am as i worked and then thought will sleep watching Beaver ( A must watch; even you are not a fan of Mel Gibson) which never let me sleep till i finished it. The sleep was less than my quota of 5 hours. As the works at office were calling me so got up at 10:30 and attended them only to rush for Dadri (the tageco, trafigura’s site) ICD as she was calling me since some days to come and inspect the work that my team was doing in the office; inspection is tough and tougher when it comes to one’s own work. And her (Dadri) distance from me is good 1:30 hrs. which came handy to get some leftover of my quota of sleep. The site has come out beautiful (will share the photographs later).

Felt tired but calls kept me occupied till Saif’s Elixir of Life Call came.

We left at 9 and I started clicking the moment i saw Golcha, walled city fever started gripping me in the cool comfort of the suv; thanks to Rohit, my driver who agreed to take us to walled city (he must’ve been tired too). This cool was gone when we came out to walk to Karim’s (it was very humid) but then the food took control of the heat, we sweat but kept having our mutton and chicken Jahangir.

The gentleman there was kind enough and allowed me to click some photographs of their twins, so was the waiter who served with smile not paying attention to my sense of humour.

I kept clicking all the time, so many frames, all around me. In between Saif and I clicked each other's too. We did some Eid shopping too and it was Janamastmi too that day (so had to rush early to take kids to temple too).

Reaching home i realized that i dint capture the paan shop at The Claridges but immediately realized that i am not in much love (now a days) with Lutyen’s Delhi (some other time dear Lutyen).

Missed Khalid (Mohammad) Bhai all the time, he would have loved all of this.

The memory is still alive and we (Saif and me) have plans to go again (keeping my fingers crossed)…. Checkout what was captured and let me know how bad are these ( i mean good)

regards ‘n’ regards Bharat Tiwari

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Nazm / नज़्म

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aakhar kalash nazm jab aana tum
हिन्दी मे नज़्म को पढ़े आखर कलश पर Read the Nazm in hindi at Aakhar Kalash
Ēk mīṭhī muskān lē ānā Jab ānā tum......
Jīnē kē armān lē ānā Jab ānā tum......

Dhūl sanī ḍāyarī tumhē hī sōn̄catī hōgī
Kuch gīt ġazal kuch śēr nazm lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Karkē basērā hai pasrā gaharā ṭhaṇḍā sannāṭā
Bēparavāh hansī, labōn kī garmāhaṭ lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Mandir masjid girjōn mē tō milē nahīn
Ḍhūnḍh kē jō mil jāyēn bhagavān lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Sāth nahīn hai dētā vakt aur vakt kē lōg
Baṛhatī sī is umr kā chain ārām lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Hai hamsē majabūt hamārē riśtē kī buniyād
Is duniyā kī khātir kō'ī nām lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Samay rukā hai jahān chōṛa kē gayē thē tum
Gayē vakt mē dēnā thā jō pyār lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Sānsēn ghuṭtī hain ab īṇṭ kī chat kē nīcē
Chōṭā sā āngan aur pēṛ kī chānv lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......

Ēk zamānā guzrā sunē hu'ē dil kō
'Bharat' kī gum dhaṛakan kō bhī lē ānā
Jab ānā tum......


एक योद्धा और वक्त Ek Yoddha aur vaqt

कोई टिप्पणी नहीं:

Ajnabi banane ki koshish
Karta raha samay
Vo akela yoddha
Ladta raha samay se ...

Samay haarta nahin hai
Suna tha usne
Fir bhi ladtaa raha
Na hone diya usko ajnabi usne
Ek kshan bhi na diya samay ko ...

Mauka mila nahin samay ko
Apne zahan ko aisa banaya
Ki saari indriyon men
Jaise tala
Samay thak gaya
Haar gaya...

Pyar ke aage samay ne bhi ghutne tenk hi diye...

bharat tiwari, new delhi , 30/07/2011, 00:39

saadar Bharat Tiwari

नेटवर्क ब्लॉग मित्र