Being human : Bharat Tiwari

Listening to your cry ... poem by bharat tiwari / painting source internet Listening to your cry
And remaining oblivious
A man he is –
Ashamed ! is the brother in him
Man – ‘smothering’ his ‘screams’

Breaking the rules
Letting the brother free
Seeing him happy – crying with you
For you !
Giving his blood making sure that the scars fade
Erasing your memories of the bruise
Satiating with tender love of a mother !
And then he locked the door
Killed the man
For he had to assure the life of the woman

And they tried to stop him
Knowing not that his spirit is alive now
Seeing the tandav – running away
Only to get ‘scaled’
For he is Shiva

Realizing your insomnolence
Tandav mutates
Lullaby !
Sleep dear sister
To wake up in the world you always wanted to


ART Source Internet: Google

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